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We focus on their abilities, not their Disabilities

This division is entirely focused on inclusive employment, the development of job skills, and finding competitive employment for people with developmental disabilities.

Job coach and client working on a resume

What do we do?

  • Career Planning

Getting to know the individual's likes and dislikes to find out what job would best suit them.

  • Job Development

Assisting the individual with building a resume and completing applications. As well as helping prepare for interviews.

  • Prevocational

Teaching individuals the proper workplace etiquette as well as what to expect from future employers.

  • Supported Employment

Individuals are supported by a job coach while working.

For information about services:
Call us directly at 660-582-7113 or Albany Regional Office at 660-771-6100

positions in supported employment

job coach

Assist individuals seeking new employment by providing professional assistance in their job search, helping them prepare for work, and offering continued job support to ensure their success.

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