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services that empower and promote independent living through skill development and building community connections.

Personal Assistant and client

What do we do?

  • Personal Assistance:

Provide support and incidental teaching to assist the individual to participate fully in their home and community life. These supports are provided in the individual's home and community.  

  • Community Networking:

Community-based services that assist and teach community participation by connecting individuals to resources and activities within their community.

  • Individualized Skill Development:

In-home and community-based services are guided towards helping a person develop the necessary skills to live independently.

For information about services:
Call us directly at 660-582-7113 or Albany Regional Office at 660-771-6100

positions in community support

Personal assistant

Personal assistants support individuals with developmental disabilities in their everyday lives. Personal Assistants encourage the individuals to be active members of their community and live independently in their home.

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