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Nodaway County Services History

A few citizens of Nodaway County wanted to enhance the services available to people with developmental disabilities in our area. Limited employment opportunities had been established through a sheltered workshop, and a great void existed in the areas of residential services and other supports.


After several years of meeting and planning informally, on November 26, 1980, the first not-for-profit corporation was formed. This organization became known as the Association of Group Homes for Nodaway County, Inc. (AGH). On September 24, 1984, AGH opened the first three group homes.

A few months later, in February 1985, the board began offering non-residential supports through a sister agency. This new agency was named Nodaway County Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. (NCS).  NCS became officially incorporated on May 13, 1986.

The mission of NCS is rooted in the strong belief that every person has a right to live in their community as an accepted and active member. NCS strives to help people, with and without disabilities, learn from one another to promote a strong and inclusive community of acceptance and opportunity.

NCS recognizes each person as an individual with unique talents, strengths, gifts, and needs. This is what drives our mission: to help people live the life they want and reach their fullest potential through compassion, dignity, and respect.

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