Turning Point Behavioral Division

Providing individualized supports for intense behaviors and crisis situations, so individuals can begin to rediscover hope in a caring environment.

Our Services

Crisis Services

Crisis Services primarily serves individuals with developmental disabilities who are experiencing high behaviors to the point that their caregivers can no longer manage. The individuals may live in group homes, ISLs, or with their parents. Our team assesses the environment, develops a plan of action and trains the caregivers to respond in such a way that behaviors are reduced. In addition, our behavior analysts can also go into school settings to consult with educators. We focus primarily on a 7-county area (Nodaway, Atchison, Andrew, Buchanan, Dekalb, Gentry, & Harrison).

Crisis Home

The Crisis Technicians and Direct Care Staff at the 90-day transition home are trained in problem behavior reduction, crisis situations, skill assessment, and skill instruction for the client’s success. This transition process consists of 4 phases (referral, assessment, intervention implementation, & transition to their long-term placement). The vision of our crisis home is to stabilize and equip the person and their next support team with a plan that can be used in their environment with the goal of behavior reduction and long-term success.

Behavior Services

Behavior services are provided in group homes, ISLs, and natural support areas. Our Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technician assess the need for services and how this affects the person's daily support. Through the assessment and intervention phase, we plan and train the support team to work with the person on socially significant behaviors. We also teach the person replacement behavior that are desired and help with long-term quality of life.

Meet the Team

Tenna Hazen, M.S.ED, BCBA, LBA - Behavior Analyst

Tenna Hazen attended Northwest Missouri State University and graduated with a degree in Art in 1999. She then pursued a Master's in Education and worked as a substitute teacher for many years. After having three children, she returned to the workforce as a Service Coordinator for five years. In that time, she decided she enjoyed working with families with children who have developmental disabilities or autism spectrum disorders. Ultimately she became interested in clients with more challenging behaviors and transitioned to the Behavior Services Team as a Support Mentor. Tenna received her Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis, completed her clinical hours, and passed her board examination to become a licensed behavior analyst. She currently oversees the behavioral services provided in the crisis home and provides ABA services for Turning Point Behavior Services. Tenna is married, has three children, one dog and one cat and enjoys her small town living.

Linda Standerford, BS - Program Manager

Linda is the Program Manager for Turning Point Behavior & Crisis Services. She fields referrals for our services and determines which potential clients would be a good fit for our team to support. She also handles administrative supervision, quality assurance, and compliance. Linda initially entered the field of social work in 2015 when she departed higher education support services to become a Service Coordinator for Nodaway County Services for four years. In 2019 she transitioned to the Behavior Services Division as a Support Mentor and was promoted to Lead Support Mentor, Program Specialist, and then Program Manager. Linda earned her B.S. in Speech Communication: Organizational Communications from Northwest Missouri State University in 2007. She is a Nebraskan by birth, Iowegian by choice, and a NW Bearcat for life. Go, Bearcats!!!


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